Artificial trees:

Real trees are usually more fun and have more of a function in the environment, but I guess if you are going to build a city park you don't want an arborist on the payroll.

Are Supertrees the Future of Green Energy?

Singapore project likely to be imitated worldwide.

Singapore's Gardens By The Bay project features solar-powered Supertrees that promise to collect sunlight and water while they regulate temperatures and essentially breathe for nearby buildings. The 50 meter tall artifical trees are part of a 250 acre landscaping project designed to bring nature into public spaces, and in the park there will be plants from all over the world to delight visitors and help clean the air in a city with a high population density.

There will be a forest of 18 trees that will not only generate power but also vent air and collect rainwater. 11 of the trees have solar cells installed to convert light into power for nearby buildings. Because Singapore can have a hot climate, the trees also help cool visitors to the park itself. As part of a new redevelopment project, the super trees are expected to boost eco-tourism and act as a guideline for Eco-Tourism in Asia and around the world. Many major cities can benefit from supertree technology, and the work done in Singapore is expected to provide a template for similar tree construction in diverse areas that either have a large population or may benefit from green construction features. Another novel feature of the trees themselves is the skywalks that go between trees, so people can appreciate trees that are configured differently and note the functionality of each tree, as well as the artistic decorations on each particular structure.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Nobody is asking, but how do these things perform in typhoons and heavy winds? How does one keep unwanted plants from growing on a Supertree? In the American South, as in other places, plants grow on telephone wires and tree branches, so they may get in the way of the supertree's functionality or ability to cool air.